I have always been a avid podcast listener, mostly on my commutes and I have always wanted to create my own podcast.  This year being the year of the “Do” I decided to make my own podcast. No more waiting, no more I need this, no more I don’t know how to do something.  This year I decided to just start shipping something.  A podcast called BIMThoughts became that project I shipped.

I started out this year creating two different podcasts, MacThoughts and BIMThoughts.  I honestly thought that MacThoughts would be more popular, but as it turned out BIMThoughts is vastly more popular. But I never would have guessed that by the second month I would have doubled the audience I wanted by the end of the year.

What I learned is that I am still learning.  Podcasting is not easy, if you want to do it well.  Yes anyone can record something and put it on the internet, but if you want a professional quality product it takes hard work and investing in equipment. Is BIMThoughts the professional quality that I wanted, not yet but it’s getting there.  I need to work on my presentation skills and get rid that that echo. The echo part is money and time, but the presentation part comes with time. But you know what, it’s much better than it was when I started. If I waited until I had everything perfect,  I would have never shipped.

More than equipment you need a great team, after all people tune in to listen to the podcast hosts. Finding a great team is difficult, and the more people you have dedicated to making a great podcast the better.  I think I know that BIMThoughts has a great team and together we are working to make the best BIM podcast on the internet.

BIMThoughts started out as a every other week podcast with three hosts. It has evolved to a podcast that I try to publish every week.  I publish two different types of episodes, one that is a panel discussion the other an interview. Both types of podcasts have their pro’s and con’s. Panels are harder to schedule, harder to record and harder to edit. But they allow us to talk about a subject rather than what someone does. Interviews are easier to schedule and much easier to edit, and I learn quite a bit doing them.  Interviews also help the greater BIM community by introducing you to people and products you may have not known about.

What I did not expect is how much time it takes to edit, my first episode took 12 hours to edit. I was learning how to edit nor did not have the software I do today.  Investing in equipment and software is easy, but no waisting money on the wrong equipment is the hard part. I took me a long time to decided to purchase Logic Pro X to edit,  I am glad I did.  I am spending about 2-3x recording time to edit which is much better.  Did Logic Pro X allow me to edit in 1/4 the time, no knowing how to edit mostly did.

What I did not expect is how many complements I get, and how many people I have meet.  Just the other day I meet listener in person, which was a real treat. Ultimately we hope you enjoy listening to BIMThoughts as much as we do creating it.

You can find BIMThoughts at BIMThoughts.com you can subscribe on iTunes from BIMThoughts.com/iTunes. You can also find it on your favorite Podcast app on your iDevice or Android device.   See you on the internet.

Bill Debevc

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