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BIMThoughts Sponsorship

I have always loved talk radio and podcasts. In 2015 I started my own, BIMthoughts a podcast about BIM Technology and Techniques. Carla and I premiered our first episode on March 22, 2015. Today BIMThoughts is the premier podcast in the AECO (Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Owners) marketplace. We are a niche podcast with listeners from a niche market; that’s what makes BIMThoughts so great. We talk about BIM Technology and Techniques, and our listeners love it, now we are ready to establish relationships with companies that love BIM too.

I am sure you agree that BIMThoughts reaches the right people at the right time.


Podcasting stats are different than traditional web stats; we are unable to track who listens to our podcast. But we can track how many downloads we get. Here is a quick look at our average numbers as of November 1st, 2016:

Total listeners (downloads) to date: 211,844
Typical Episode(downloads) : 2,795
Best month January 2017 (Downloads and Web visits): 19,194
Best single episode to date: 5,385 (Revit 2017)

Some techniques that sponsors use to track their progress are unique links and coupon codes. unique links track the traffic we are generating, and coupon codes track conversion. You are not required to offer a discount or coupon code, but we like to share what we find in the podcast industry. Here is an example of one such link http://BIMThoughts.com/Enscape

Rate plans:

Episode Sponsorship Read $100.00 per episode

Sponsorship includes:

  • Sponsorship read at the beginning or during the episode.
  • Static ad on our home page during the run of your Sponsorship.
  • A static ad in the show notes. This ad will remain with the episode until you tell us to remove it.
    Note: Removing the ad from the audio after your run, may require an addition editing fee and will not effect episodes already downloaded.

Product Review Episode $400.00 per episode

We try your product and talk about your product during an episode, we talk about how we have used your product during the week and what we like and dislike about it. We will give honest feedback.

  • Your static ad is placed on our homepage during the run of your episodes.
  • At the end of the episode run, if requested we will return the demo product.
  • A static ad in the show notes that will remain with the episode until you tell us to remove it.
    Note: Removing the ad from the audio after your run, may require an addition editing fee and will not effect episodes already downloaded.

Website Sponsor $25.00 per month

Sponsorship includes:

  • Your static ad placed on our homepage during the run of your sponsorship.

Bandwidth Sponsor $35.00 per month

Sponsorship includes:

  • “Bandwidth brought to you by …” read at the beginning of episode
  • A “Bandwidth grought to you by” ad footer for the duration of your sponsorship.

Newsletter Sponsor $80.00 per month

Sponsorship includes:

  • A graphic banner will be placed at the bottom of our newsletter with a link.
  • A newsletter is sent with every episode. Currently, we have 5,000 people in the newsletter.

Please Note: As our audience increases so will these prices, so stop thinking and start doing.


Q: Can I combine different plans together?

Yes you can combine any plan together, We also have volume pricing.

A: What your sponsorship dollars do?

Simple help us continue to bring the best BIM related podcast to the AEC community. Support from sponsors like you, will improve our equipment, allow us to advertise, and help with other costs from making a podcast.

Q: Why did I start BIMThoughts?

A: I started BIMThoughts for one simple reason, we wanted to share my knowledge and create excitement. Oh, and I need help putting my daughter through college.

Q: What makes BIMThoughts so special?

A: BIMThoughts has the best hosts and the best guest in the industry. Every other week we produce a panel episode that talks about what going on in the AEC industry. On the alternate weeks, we interview industry experts to get their take on what is going on and how BIM is changing the world.

Q: Why Static ads?

A: We do static ads, so ad blockers don’t block your ad its a simple as that.   I can update your ad at any time during your sponsorship, or afterward if a link is broken.   Oh, we don’t want trackers or other scripts slowing down our website.

Q: How long will my ad stay in the episode.

A: We don’t plan on removing any ads from past episodes. However, our home page will only show the current sponsors.

Q: What Information will I receive during our sponsorship?

A: We will provide you with a count of how many downloads your episodes receive during your episode run. We will also from time to time update you on your progress after your run, just to keep you informed.  We recommend that you provide us with a special link for our listeners.  This will allow you to continue to track how many visitors your get.  If you would like we can also promote any listeners specials or offers.

Q: Will my competitor’s ads run as well?

A: We will not deliberately run what we feel is a competing at the same time.  If we do let us know and we will reschedule you for a new time slot,

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: We can’t promise that you will get any sales from supporting BIMThoughts, but we can promise that we run your ad and talk about your product on the air. This is a partnership between the two of us and we want your experience to be as positive as possible.

Contact us.

If you are excited to sponsor our show, or have any other questions pleas let us know.