This is the page you have been looking for.  That’s right, “The” page where you can download my dataset from the Bluebeam lab at RTCNA. We will also post about our adventures here as well.

RTCNA 2016

Bills PDQ Deployment Presentation and Autodesk Update script from RTCNA 2016

Get your dataset early for my RTCNA Bluebeam Class.

Bill’s Bluebeam Data set: 3.4 Bluebeam

You can download a trial of Bluebeam 


BIMWorkshops presentations

Bill’s Getting the Most out of Bluebeam BIM-Workshops lab presentation

Bill’s Whats new in Bluebeam presentation

Bill’s Bluebeam Data set: 3.4 Bluebeam

Bill’s official RTCNA Travel Log  or Tlog:

Update 4: We did a podcast instead of typing.  Checkout the RTC Recaps parts 1 and 2.

Update 3: In the plane, Delta delayed my flight, but I was lucky enough to be at the airport early enough to catch the earlier flight to Atlanta.  I did learn an important travel tip today; next time buy the 13″ Macbook Pro, the 15″ is two hard to type on in the plane. But Internet in the plane rocks!

Update 2: Headed to RTCNA today. See you tonight.   Also reply to comment on why Bluebeam over Design Review coming soon.

Update 1:  Carla and I will be headed to DC on Wednesday July 22 and should arrive at 8:00 PM.  See you soon

This is the page you have been looking for.  That’s right my page where you can download my Powerpoint, Handout and dataset from the Bluebeam lab at RTCNA. We will also post about our adventures here as well.

See you in D.C.

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  2. Juan on 2015-07-22 at 4:58 am said:

    I will not be able to attend RTC this year, but I would have definitely added this class to my schedule had I attended.
    Just wanted to ask why Bluebeam? You can do the same things with Design Review and a lot more. Design Review is free and is a very powerful tool, plus it integrates very well with Revit. It provides a great digital collaborative workflow between all project stakeholders. Yes there are probably some things Bluebeam can do that Design Review can’t, but there are also a lot of cool things Design Review can do that Bluebeam cannot.

  3. Hello Juan.

    There are indeed advantages and disadvantages to both software. But the world speaks PDF. For me the reason I use Bluebeam is because I simply create, edit, markup and distribute PDF files. And Bluebeam is my software of choice for that task. Design Review although a great product has two strikes against it, for me anyway.
    1. I don’t use DWF, and know of only one person who does by choice.
    2. Either Autodesk got it right in 2013 or they have stalled the project.

    So, I guess to answer your question, I use Bluebeam Revu because PDF is #winning.

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  6. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the great Deployment PDQ class at RTC 2016!

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