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Some feedback we received!

Just wanted to say I really enjoy your podcast, it’s great to hear how other professionals deal with the multitude of issues and challenges in architecture and bim. Keep up the good work, I’m always stoked when a new episode comes out. Tyler

Thanks for the feedback Tyler, we love to hear form our BIMThinkers and your feedback inspired me to create this part of the page.  Thank You!


Hello, i just want to ask, what happend to episode s02e13? Btw, great podcast. Really appreciate all the stuff:) And for sure, you have more than 3 listeners. Greetings from Czech republic:)

Oops, I skipped one.  Don’t worry there wasn’t a episode 13, I make a mistake and skipped a number.


Bill, I had the honor of meeting you at RTCNA 2015, and you introduced me to BIM Thoughts! I have to say I love it, and am so thankful for what you, Carla, and Aubrey are providing this community! I decided to blog about it! Best Regards, Brian D. Nickel The Revit Saver

Brian, the honor was all mine.  I was humbled by the amount of support we received at RTC and at BIM-Workshops this year.  Meeting our fellow BIMThinkes is great!!


I really enjoy your talks and all the guests you have interviewed so far. Just wondering if you have any plans on getting Joseph Joseph on this show? It has been a wonderful treat being able to attend Joseph’s lectures at AU, but now that he is with Disney he has kept a very low profile. His lectures have had a tremendous impact on our BIM implementation and without them it would have been a bigger struggle for us to make the switch to BIM Thanks and keep up the good work!  Juan

Thank you Juan, We will need to get with Joseph Joseph and get him on!  Thanks for the feedback.


Love the Pod casts, have listen to 8.5 of them (half way though Steven Shell). I listen on both my iPad and my Android phone (use BeyondPod). I wanted to leave a comment on S1E7, but it won’t let me for some reason, but I just wanted to say that Brian’s #BIMTwitterTips number 93 is the best! #93: Follow these people ASAP: @cridder_ @TheBIMsider @MattJezyk @caddguru @BIM4ScottC #BIM #Mentors #MustFollow #BIMTwitterTips Keep up the great work! Carl aka The BIMsider

Carl, We love what you have done with your website and the work you do to make BIM a better place.


Hi there I look forward to hearing your podcasts. I just read about them in RTC’s newsletter. Could you please (also) put them somewhere platform neutral like I don’t use apple hardware or software for various reasons (not related to quality). I won’t preach here about why I choose not to support Apple – but I’m sure with your knowledge of BIM you, like me, appreciate the importance of platform neutral solutions. Really, thanks for making this podcast – I’ve been looking for years for a BIM related podcast! Happily you just prompted me to look again – and I found this one: Best regards, Duncan

Duncan, We added BIMThoughts to


You guys are awesome. I just listened to three episodes so for. Very informative. I am a Revit Modeler from India, currently working in Doha, Qatar. Keep posting awesome stuff like this!

Thanks a lot! Very much appreciated!    Balaji

Woot! we have 1 more person, and in India 


Been listening to the podcast since S01E01, and I have to certify that the quality has been getting better and better, both technically and with regards to content as well. Much better strucured, less and less ramblings and tangents off topic (which can occasionally be very interesting as well, nevertheless)

Great GREAT job on the BExP episodes. I am recommending them to all who care to listen to my BIM recommendations anymore (I am borderline BIM evangelist/missionary/street preacher)

Keep them coming!
I’ll be in touch!


Thanks for the kind words Rene,  We have been working very hard to get better.  Too bad  it’s not as easy as throwing money at the problem.  It takes hard works learning how to talk. 


I’m a designer in the UK I found your podcast a couple of months ago and I’ve just listened to S2E3 Paul F Aubin cast – really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it – so I’ll be back listening regularly from now on. More Revit discussions please Andrew

Thank you Andrew for the comments, we are glad to hear our listener count is up and more importantly you’re enjoying the podcast!!!

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