Bill and Kristina give a detailed overview and review of Ideate apps. Ideate apps is a suite of 4 tools for Revit: Quick Select, Smart Delete, xRay, and Renumber.  Tune in a learn all about the apps and discover which are our favorites.

You can find out more about Ideate Apps and all the great software they make at


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About Ideate Apps

IdeateApps is a set of Revit applications designed to increase the productivity of the entire project team. Developed with specific tasks in mind, these tools address the challenges identified most often by Ideate Software customers who use Revit software every day. IdeateApps will decrease the time spent on common tasks and increase the accuracy of BIM data in a Revit model, helping to keep projects of all sizes and complexities on time and on budget.

Note: This product review was sponsored by Ideate and reflects our real thoughts on their product.

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