E51-How to Become a BIM Manager

This week we talk with Kristina Gardenhire about her new role as Director of Design Technology at Lionakis.  We talk about her different roles with the company and how she has reached the position she is in now. We also talk rendering and other technology that interested her.

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About Kristina Gardenhire

In college, she developed a reputation for being the “CAD girl” because she was often helping others with technology on their projects. Whether it was AutoCAD, 3ds Max, or some other program, people would come to her with questions. Little did she know that this reputation would drive her career and uncover a hidden passion in life several years later.

Now, she doing the same thing, but in a much more fulfilling way. One might think that someone in a technology role is hidden behind their monitors, delving into software programs all day. The truth is far different from that. Her day-to-day work involves helping others, connecting people, improving workflows, and using the technology that she knows and loves to create an environment of comfort, efficiency, and inspiration.

About Enscape

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