In this LPA Roundtable, I talk with Charlie Williams and Alejandro Lopez about design team hierarchy and how project rolls have changed in response to integrated design and BIM. Our talk begins with an overview of traditional design roles, including how those roles have evolved and concludes with a conversation about career paths and exploring the practical and poetic sides of design.



USC BIM Conference

Kirstyn Bonneau, PBWS Architects

LPA Careers

LPA Project Roles Model:

LPA Project Roles Model

Adapted from: USC XED 2012: Need to Know Basis: Managing Varying Levels of BIM Proficiency on a Project Team, Kirstyn Bonneau, PBWS Architects

BIM Proficiency 1

BIM Proficiency 2

BIM Proficiency 3  BIM Proficiency 4


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About LPA

As one of the largest integrated design firms in California and Texas, LPA provides architecture, planning, landscape architecture, interior design, engineering, and graphic/signage services from early program development to project closeout. LPA’s passion for the holistic nature of sustainability and the connections that exist between design excellence and sustainability required a change in firm structure and the design process to create a fully integrated design firm.

Founded in 1965, LPA has been practicing architecture for more than 50 years and for the past 25 years it has been a multi-disciplined firm. Understanding the benefits that collaboration and integration bring to its clients and projects, engineering was added to the firm in 2007 to create a fully integrated design practice. LPA’s unique integrated design process, where in-house architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers work collaboratively on a day-to-day basis in real-time, fundamentally changes the process from a team of consultants to a team of partners.

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