This week we talk with Kate Morrical about Structural Engineering with Revit.  We talk challenges, tools and how to get stuff done.


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About Kate Morrical

Kate is a Digital Design Manager for a 140-person 3-office structural engineering firm; she is responsible for coordinating procedures and standards for software used in the design process, whether CAD, BIM, or design/analysis programs. She’s involved with every aspect of producing design documents, from long-range planning to evaluating new tools all the way down to naming standard text styles. Fortunately, she has great BIM & IT teams to work with!

There is no such thing as a “typical” project at Silman, so we are constantly innovating with new and creative ways to approach our designs. She is excited about new applications for laser scanning, design simulation, and intelligent documentation. It’s not easy to keep up with, but it’s never boring!

You can find Kate on Twitter at @katemorrical..

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