Whether you’re an engineer, architect, or in the field, a paperless workflow solution like Bluebeam Revu makes coordination and collaboration easier for everyone. That’s why I was very excited to learn about some of the new features in the latest release of Bluebeam Revu 2015.


#1: Capture 2.0

I thought Capture was great in Revu 12, but 2015 has taken Capture up a few notches. Capture 2.0 now attaches images directly into a markup form the camera tool or from a file. This capability also extends to videos as well. That’s right, vidoes! Video capture and playback is now available directly from the markup in Revu. In order to organize all of this multimedia, the markup list now includes a column for Capture so that you can quickly find markups that include photos and videos. However, the column list is still not alphabetized, so you may need to still hunt for things.

#2: Batch Slip Sheeting (eXtreme only)

Slip Sheeting is a fact of life for any construction project, and Bluebeam Revu eXtreme takes on the challenge with Batch Slip Sheeting. This tool automates the process of keeping file sets up to date. Append, prepend, or replace (“Slip Sheet”) existing pages with new versions easily and all your hyperlinks, markups, spaces, and bookmarks can be transferred to the new version of the sheet. Old versions of the file can also be stamped as part of the batch. What will you do now with all that extra time?


#3: Batch Compare and Overlay

A new dialog box might not seem very awe-inspiring, but the change from “Set A and Set B” to “Current and Revised” makes much more intuitive sense and is a welcomed change.

#4: Cloud+

Combining clouds and callout markers is what we have been doing for years on paper. With Revu 2015, we can now do it on a PDF. The Cloud+ markup tool (use the quick key “K”) draws a fantastic cloud and then prompts you to draw the callout lines and type your notes.

#5: Markup Tool Scaling

Tool sets can now be set to scale, which means they’ll know how big they should be when you place them. This functionality applies to the entire tool set group, not just the tool itself. Imagine calibrating your document and creating furniture markups that automatically scale. How cool is that?

#6: Sketch Tools

The most requested item from fellow Bluebeamers was for a tool that drew items to scale. Well, your request has been answered! Polygon, polyline, rectangle, and eclipse tools can now be quickly created to scale. You can even key in scale values directly as you draw them.

#7: Sets 3.0

Everyone loves Sets (and if you don’t know what Sets are, shame on you). Sets enable your team to navigate a large single page PDF file as if it were a multi-page PDF file. In Revu 2015, several new changes come with Sets:

  • To help manage large drawing sets, you can now categorize Sets by Architecture, Interior Design, Structure and MEP, or whatever kind of categorization you want.
  • Manage revisions with a new automatic filter and even copy or flatten markups, hyperlinks, spaces, and bookmarks when the set is updated.

#8: Spaces 2.0

If you haven’t used Spaces in Bluebeam before, then you will now with the new improvements made in Revu 2015. Spaces group markups together by location, like a floor or a wing or a building. Now, you’ll have the ability to do more with your Spaces like copy and paste them to other pages or different files, create an area measurement from your space, and add hyperlinks to and from your Spaces.


#9: Studio Enhancements

Bluebeam Studio is underused and underappreciated, in my opinion. Most Bluebeam users don’t even know it’s there! Studio is a free cloud-based storage and collaboration platform built within Revu. The project collaboration tool is now enhanced to include:

  • Project Folder Permissions allow even more ways for you to control the rights and access to your project files.
  • Sharing project files has never been easier. With Revu 2015, you can share a PDF with anyone, even if they don’t have Bluebeam, set how long you want the file to be opened for (24 hours or the lifetime of a project), and even protect your assets with passwords.
  • You can now keep Studio Sessions going for the life of a project and send information back to the project without having to finalize your Session.
  • Ever have a Studio Project that seems to have lived on even after you are done with it? Now, you have the ability to set Project expiration dates that will automatically restrict markup activity and session access as well as notify your attendees.

If you haven’t tried Bluebeam Revu yet, then now’s the time to get started. Download a free trial from our website and attend a LIVE! Online Training session (only $65 per class) to get started with the basics or advanced workflows in Revu now.

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