In this episode, Bill, Kristina and Charlie speak with Jana and William Itzen about their firm Itzen Architects and role in the AIACC. William shares stories about how technology advances their firm, while Jana talks about how AIACC is making technology more accessible to small and medium sized firms.   Links: Itzen Architects Instagram Autodesk Read More →

Hariharan Natarjan

Energy Analysis Show Notes: In this roundtable episode, Bill, Kristina, Charlie and Hariharan Natarajan from Sefaira discuss energy analysis including the value of considering energy loads over building systems, when energy analysis is most effective and how to help firms implement solid energy analysis workflows. Links: Hariharan Natarajan Sefaria Articles and Information about Energy Analysis: Read More →

Project Planning Show Notes: In this episode, Bill and Charlie interview JJ Brantingham, from Planifi, about project planning and how approaching project planning from a value to the client perspective may be more effective than time and resource allocation.   Links: Planifi Project Analyzer  Ron Baker: The Soul of Enterprise   

Show Notes: In this episode, Bill, Kristina and Charlie discuss project management and how it relates to selecting a qualified BIM team. The talk begins with an overview of the practice of project management and Revit skill assessment, then concludes with how to effectively develop teams. Links: TAP 2017 TAP Building Connections Congress KnowledgeSmart CADLearning