Part 1 of this special mini-series of BIMThoughts that we call The LPA Round Table. Joining me is Charlie Williams and Alejandro López. We share what turns great IT/IS/DT departments into a team we call Inspire Design.  We also discuss what a change in thinking and a change in a name, propels ID to be the Read More →

Kelly Cone

Carla and I sit down with Kelly Cone of the Beck Group and talk shop.  We discuss Revit, process management, and ask the question “Is BIM worth it?”  I think you’ll be surprised at the answer. Show Notes: Kelly Cone Beck Group Word Thoughts: Modeloscopy Drafting lines are the new AutoCAD (LOD) Level of Development About Read More →


In this action packed episode of BIMThoughts we talk with three Revit superstars; Paul F. Aubin, Carla Edwards and Steve Stafford, and then there’s me Bill Debevc. We talk what’s new in Revit 2017 and what we determined is the little sleeper commands are the true rockstars of Revit 2017. Oh, sorry for the echo. Show Read More →